Welcome to The Walled City Cafe & Lounge

Welcome to The Walled City
Cafe & Lounge

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A little about us

The Walled City is housed in more than 200 years old heritage property of an erstwhile Nawab-Faiz Ahmad. it’s the first café and lounge of the Old Delhi. The property is distinguished for having Anglo-Indian features, unlike other Havelis in the area that are primarily a mixture of Mughal and Indian architecture only.

The place offers a unique holistic experience in terms of architecture, ambience, music, food, and cleanliness. The Chef is our prized possession who can satiate even the most demanding gourmet lovers. The Old Delhi is a world known eating hub of Mughlai and Indian food, but what lacked here was the diversity in food. So here we come with Intercontinental, Italian, Chinese and Indian delicacies along with an exhaustive range of Mughlai.

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